ANNOUNCING Jail Time Records VOL. 1

After setting up the recording studio inside the institution in 2018 and following four single releases, the collective released their first double album ‘JAIL TIME VOLUME 1’ on November 30th, featuring 24 heavy-hitting rap, afrobeats, afro-trap, trap, drill, afro-house tracks from the Jail Time squad.

Tracks journey through the languages spoken in Cameroon: French, English, Douala, Fulbè, Bamoun, Bassa, Sango, and explores a wide spectrum of themes and experiences of life incarcerated. Frustration, pain, love, guilt, hope, social and political criticism culminating in a communal showcase of resilience through the redemptive power of music.
From within the grim prison grounds, music allows the artists to overcome the limitations of their condition and becomes an expression of hope, solace and common purpose, as felt in the urgency and intensity of every track.

The album is intersected by skits composed by recordings of prison sounds, testimonies of the artists, phone conversations between the incarcerated artists and their families, creating an immersive experience of the universe of incarceration.

The album was anticipated by the release of the fifth JTR single, ‘Show me the way’, an afrobeats ballad sung by Jeje, JTR’s first incarcerated female artist.

JailTime Vol.1 (XAF)

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